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Posted 3/3/2017 7:48am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Come one, come all, we will be in the barn from 12pm until 7pm!

Bring your reusable grocery bags!

Two Updates:

No beef - Pat's Pastured did not end up having the beef to fulfill our order. The freezer will be stocked with Burnshirt Valley pork only.

Yes Mushrooms! It completely slipped my mind to mention that the lovely Elizabeth from Fat Moon Farm in Westford, MA specifically grew mushrooms for this very pop-up market! Yippee! Yummy. Vegetarian protein! earthy umami depth of flavor . . .

Reminder: Seafood Truck will be at the barn from 1pm to 6pm only

Good news for sticky bun and chocolate croissant lovers - I went a little hog wild on my Iggy's order so there should be sweet treats for afternoon tea or Saturday morning coffee!

There is a heck of a lot of spinach in our cooler right now! We are thinking of making one pound bags. We need to sell this perfect, precious spinach for at least $7/lb. (Normally we would do half-pound bags for $3.50) This note is to ease you into the sticker shock.

Christy's ankle update: I limped around without my crutches this morning! Hallelujah!!

Seed update: Onion seeds are in trays, on heat mats, in our sunny greenhouse! So are peas for pea tendrils and a few other micro green experiments! In the soil in the high tunnels, Mike and Chris seeded radishes, lettuce mix, arugula, and mustard mix.

Trash/Recycling or Treasure? Laurene and I cleaned out the garden room on Wednesday. We set aside all of the odd pots and whatnot that do not fit with our system - these free items will be available for all you gardeners to discover, rummage sale style!

Hope to see you today!

Christy at WBF, fully charged on Phil Johnson's perfectly blended "Tippy La Vache" French Roast Coffee!