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Fresh Spinach, Winter Roots, and a New Baby!

Posted 2/9/2017 12:30pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Queen Anne's Lace

After yesterday, it's hard to believe we are getting a foot of snow! I just heard a big clap of thunder and saw a flash of snow-reflected lightning (not in that order). It was absolutely lovely outside yesterday and quite nearly luscious inside our high tunnels (aka - unheated greenhouses with crops growing in the ground)! Brittany's husband, Kevin, got to try  out the greens harvester on the gorgeous spinach crop growing away in early February! But here's the best part: Brittany & Kevin brought along their new baby (2 weeks old yesterday!), Harvey Sidway Overshiner, in his car seat, snoozing away during the harvest!

We've got video to prove it on Instagram! (we are @whitebarnfarmers )

For more (and better) information about Baby Harvey and Upswing Farm happenings: Read Brittany's Facebook post announcing his birth!

Where can you get your hands on this spinach?, you ask - This Saturday's Ashland Farmer's Market! It's their first ever Winter Market and the vendor lineup looks fantastic! Read all about it on the Ashland Farmer's Market website or just go to the Ashland Middle School this Saturday, February 11, from 9am to 1pm. While supplies last of course! Also stop in to say hi to another farm friend of ours, Maggie, from Baer's Best Beans - pick up some Massachusetts grown dry beans for baked beans, some classic rice & beans, or a slow cooked chili  - perhaps a quick chili for you instant pot folks!

Consider this a White Barn Farm pop-up farmstand - just located at Ashland Middle School and surrounded by all sorts of other great vendors! All the spinach and winter storage roots are coming from the crops Brittany & White Barn grew together during last year's "superfarm" season. Remember, you can't beat beets!!

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There is no waiting list for White Barn Farm's CSA programs this year!
Sign up for your Farmstand CSA Card online, then mail in your check (you don't have to wait for an invoice). You can reload your old card this way, too!

Sign up for any of our three Boxed CSA segments online as well, but wait for an invoice to pay for those ones (the pricing is a little more confusing if you decide to do the Four Season Bundle - in which you sign up for all 3 boxed segments AND purchase a minimum $200 farmstand CSA Card) Four Season Bundlers do NOT need to wait for an invoice for the Farmstand CSA portion. 

Save the dates: PLANT SALE is Saturday & Sunday, May 20 & 21, 2017. 10-4 both days. The crop plan is still in the works so email if you have any special requests - certain varieties, anyway.

Thanks Y'all! Oh, by the way, my ankle is on the mend. Surgery was a success and I should be able to start putting weight on it by March 1st! Which happens to be the day we plan to turn on the greenhouse every year! I like the sounds of that!

Thinking of all of you!!! Looking forward, but not rushing to, Spring!

Take Care!

Christy, Chris, and Graham at White Barn Farm

Inside the High Tunnel in February Not looking too bad for February! Spinach and Parsley are surviving!