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CSA Begins Next Week!

Posted 5/24/2012 8:18am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello Faithful CSA Members!

Finally your commitment to us is about to pay off! The CSA begins on Tuesday 5/29 if you are a Tuesday pick-up and Friday 6/1 if you are a Friday pick-up.

We are not opening the Roadside Stand during the first week of pick-ups so that we have some time to give you some direction, answer questions, and set the routine rolling. We will be open at the stand Saturday, June 2nd 10am to 2pm if you wanted flowers, seafood, eggs, coffeee, etc).

Over the winter, the electric company cut down all the trees along the power lines. They were not very happy trees and they were infested with poison ivy, so not so sad, I suppose. We used to put the tent and the van in the shade of the trees, however, and now that is not part of our equation. You will notice that the tent has been relocated to the center of the field and that the floor has been built for a shed we intend to construct to store our market supplies. We plan on having the van parked in the shade of the shed and to have a shelf off the side for us to place the display share and the sign-in board. The parking areas will be slightly different, the entrance will be the same, but the exit will be closer to where the farmstand was last year. Until the shed is complete, you will have to bear with us and our usual makeshift methods.

Pick-up hours begin one hour earlier this year: 2pm to 7pm. When it begins to get dark we will change the hours to 2pm to 6pm. We will alert you to the change via email.

You don't really need to bring anything to the pick-ups except yourself and, in the future, your box from last week. There will be a large blue lobster crate to hold broken-down boxes in. There will be a white board where you will sign in so we know you picked up. There will be a list of the contents and a display share so you can get a visual of the box's contents. We will also have a take-it-or-leave-it basket for items you'd rather not bring home with you (if you find cilantro vile, for example). Perhaps someone's discarded veggie will be a treasure for the next person! Take a look at the display share and if you can't figure out what something is - ask whoever is working at the farmstand for an i.d. :)

We look forward to seeing you next week! Use up your grocery store lettuce by your pick-up day. Make sure you have a big cutting board, a good knife, a salad spinner, and access to the world wide web of recipes! It doesn't hurt to stash your clean, dry used plastic bags for packing your produce into the fridge (I like the ziploc tortilla bags, bread bags with the crumbs shaken out, perfectly dry produce bags turned inside out, you understand). Refrigerators dry out unprotected produce.

We can't wait to meet all of our new members (or at least put a name with your familiar face) and, of course, to see all of our returning members. Apologies in advance for not knowing everyone's name. I'll try to learn - so be sure to introduce yourself.

We truly would be in a huge financial hole without all of your upfront support. We cannot thank you enough for making such a commitment to our little farm. Chris and I have high hopes for this year. So far so good. For a while it was too dry, but now the rainfall has been good. The mild winter and early high temps have not really accelerated our annual crops, but they have accelerated pest emergence. yikes!!! We are challenged a little more every year!! But don't fret yet! Things are looking good. I am so delighted to be filling so many local fridges with the produce from some suburban Wrentham soil!

See you soon!

Chris and Christy at White Barn Farm (and our hungry little co-pilot, growing in my belly!)